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Maya Morriswala
and Eram Lee

“don’t worry, you will”

Maya (they/them) created their cover of lovelythebandʼs “don’t worry, you will” because the song reminded them of how they would worry about making friends when they were younger. This is part of the reason why they decided to shoot parts of the music video in front of their old elementary school. The music video also includes scenic shots by Eram (she/her), which add to the bright and fun atmosphere of the video. Overall, the music video fits the theme of PLAY because while Maya highlighted the darkness of the songʼs lyrics by adding synths that werenʼt in the original, the cover is upbeat, and the video featured playful movements and expressions.

Samera Shabir

The TikTok Samera Shabir (she/her) has created translates Aurora’s “Runaway” into Urdu. The videos used to create this piece were taken in a park near her house, from a regular walking route shes takes. The song has a joyous, calm melody, and synced with the videos it creates a playful, adventurous vibe.

Maddie & Reagan


Maddie McDougall and Reagan Welsh’s video study showcases the different colors of PLAY in film and the ranges of emotions it can represent and invoke. By choosing films from a variety of genres, viewers can see how films can be connected through colors while contrasting in emotions. They hope that you enjoy it and watch some of the amazing films that are included in this study.


I don’t need no SDE

Cover art by @yoshu37

I Don't Need No SDEArtist Name
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Xiomi (she/her) is a singer, songwriter, and producer from the United States and a proud Guatemalteca. Her sound captures the essence of powerful female artists throughout music history such as Lauryn Hill, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Selena Quintanilla, and many more. Her music gravitates towards vulnerability and empowerment. As a producer/songwriter, every sound has a purpose and every lyric forms her story. In an industry that lacks female representation, she aims to show that there are a lot of talented female producers and songwriters such as herself. She hopes to share her own perspective and experiences to a wider audience someday.


Xiomi has released three songs to date, her newest single being “I don't need no SDE.” The focus of the song was to have fun and put out good vibes. Sometimes we can be caught up with people that are giving off the wrong type of energy. In the end, you just need to cut all that negativity out of your life in order to really begin living your life to the fullest. Xiomi hopes that this song and her music overall can help her fans express themselves freely and have more self love. She hopes you stick around for her wild journey and definitely expect more music in the near future!

Emma Keyes

Ballet has always been an important part of Emma Keyes’ life. She has spent fifteen years participating in the art form, and eight of those years being professionally trained in classical ballet. It taught her perseverance and resilience, and she recognizes that, unlike the princesses she plays in most of the pieces she performs, her happy ending is not guaranteed. Despite it being a passion she hopes to pursue, that future is not promised to her.

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