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  • Carey Sichareune

Home Without Heart

Author: Carey Sichareune


Do you remember when we were lying in my bed that Sunday morning and we were comparing the size of our hands with each other

You told me that you wished you had a home like mine

I told you I could be a home for you

You laughed

Then held my hand against your chest and told me not to make promises I couldn’t keep

I was serious then

The moment I shared my favourite song with you I knew

I hoped you would want me just as much as I wanted you

So, for a while, things felt nice and I thought I was bettering myself by finding my happiness in you

But I should have paid more attention

Between waking up next to you, and your hand in mine,

It wasn’t actually me you were telling to not make promises that couldn’t be kept

You told me you wanted to believe we could have mornings, afternoons and nights together forever

Except, I wasn’t the right person you could see yourself waking up to anymore

So now I’m here in this bed, on a Sunday night a month later

With four missed calls from you

Because you’re drunk again and telling me that you promise you’ve made a mistake

And you want me to share my new favourite song with you

But I tell you I don’t believe in promises nowadays from anyone

And that I haven’t had another favourite song ever since

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