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  • Mishaal Jamal

Utopian Dream House

Artist: Mishaal Jamal


Utopia is generally described as a place where everything is perfect. Sometimes, it’s even synonymous with paradise. In my opinion, utopian architecture and interior design encompass all of the most visually appealing parts of our world to create a serene living space.

This style of interior design and architecture has always been a favourite of mine because of all of the natural light, soft lines, neutral tones, and a dichotomous indoor-outdoor theme. The combination of these features creates a space in which the stresses of day-to-day life cease to exist.

For this piece I wanted to compile some of my favourite images from Pinterest using this design style to create a visual representation of my dream house.

Design themes:

  • Big windows for an abundance of natural light

  • High ceilings

  • Neutral tones with dark accents

  • Oversized furniture

  • Minimalistic plants

  • Clean lines combined with accent curvature

Pinterest board:


Living room




Outdoor space

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