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 a picnic for one

larvisty and Felipe Fuster

larvisty (she/her) is a dreamer first and a storyteller second. A multimedia artist by trade, she draws inspiration from multiple sources: her visu-olfactory experiences with synesthesia, her penchant for storytelling and worldbuilding, the peaks and valleys of a Bipolar II Disorder diagnosis, and her Filipino roots.  Her mediums span the gamut of fine and visual art, creative writing, and music.

Midway through 2020, larvisty (like many others) suffered from isolation and loneliness as the world was forced to a halt by a merciless pandemic. For her, much of last year was spent at home, in a creative block, and trying to make ends meet. She hardly had time to herself and was one step away from going stir-crazy after having moved back in with her family. a picnic for one was a way for larvisty to refresh herself, make art because she missed it, and especially create something free from the routine pressures of social media. After having met Felipe Fuster (he/him) through a shoot earlier last year, they decided to reconnect to put together this concept. Because North Carolina was under lockdown for part of last summer, they chose a colour palette that harkened to blooming flowers, hazy days, and lush foliage at the turn of the season (fortunately, NC stays relatively warm half the year!). They played around with different stages of boredom, wistfulness, and nostalgia with a touch of playfulness in this shoot.

Artboard 34-IG.png

Sophie Mae

Sophie Mae (she/her) is a young artist who aspires to one day become a children’s illustrator. She has been drawing from a very young age and has always had a burning passion for art. Sophie pretty much came out of the womb with a pencil in her hand. She absolutely loves nature and strongly believes in helping the environment and teaching the next generations to care and appreciate the earth that gives us life. Her art mainly revolves around animals, the countryside, and cozy autumnal colours, but she also loves to illustrate fun quirky characters that embody the magic and whimsy that she can remember from her childhood. Aside from art and illustration, Sophie loves to knit and crochet cozy sweaters, bake tasty cakes, and grow beautiful flowers and vegetables in her garden!

(FINAL) Sophie Mae_ Image.jpeg
(FINAL) Syd_ Bubblegum.jpg
(FINAL) Syd_ Balloon Dog.jpg


Syd (she/her) is a university student studying biological science. She uses illustration and animation as a creative outlet for stress and anxiety. Much of her work revolves around the idea that life is like a roller coaster. There are many ups and downs but the combination of them all is exciting and thrilling. We all have our own tracks to be guided by, all of which are structured differently. But nonetheless, like a roller coaster, our tracks are bound to come to a stop, so we must try to enjoy the ride. Syd’s art focuses on the more positive aspects of this concept, and she hopes that whoever comes across it will find joy and happiness.



Cam Phipps

Aishani Mehra

This summer, RANI Creative has led Aishani Mehra (she/her) to reflect on the positivity and love around her. This time of year always allows her to reconnect with her passions for art and self-expression through painting and fashion as well as lets her spend more time with those she loves. It gives her more time for herself when she can sit in the yard and take inspiration from all the beautiful summer skies, sunsets, and warmth around her. It also lets her go through more transformations of growth and to learn more about herself and who she wants to become. These images are meant to represent the happiness within the journey of transforming into the best person we can become.


Asvija Jeyandrakumar

(FINAL) Asvija Jeyandrakumar_ Image #2_e

Simran Kaur

(FINAL) Simran Kaur_ Breaking Point.jpg

Simran Kaur (she/her) is a surrealist still life and creative portrait photographer and artist currently based in London. She is Punjabi and she was born and raised in Italy.


Simran’s main objective is to make the viewer’s dreams come true by creating intriguing setups, but she also spreads awareness for mental health and environmental issues with her experimental photography. At the same time, she also creates dreamlike abstract visuals to make the viewer explore another reality.


Simran gets inspired by people's dreams and visions, but her childhood memories also inspire her to create various projects. To keep her childhood memories alive she started doodling digital and traditional illustrations which helps her to understand how she feels about those foggy memories of her childhood.


The traditional doodle illustration titled “Breaking Point” showcases Simran's childhood memories. Simran remembers how, during her childhood, she used to throw her food down from the table on purpose — perhaps it was fun to watch the cereal roll away everywhere and the milk spill all over her little world. These foggy memories inspired Simran to create this traditional doodle illustration which also speaks to how she used to spill the world all over her dad and how he would always accept it and then clean it as if nothing happened. As Simran grew up she did stop throwing food from the table but she still spills the world all over her dad. Sometimes this was due to tears, other times because of words and stories.

Artboard 32-IG.png
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