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  • Megan Vitug

Megan Vitug

Raw Reality explores the constant struggle she faces through a vulnerable side that only appears in her darkest and loneliest hours. It focuses on the complexity of humans and their desires, looks, and weaknesses — all major factors of self-image. She explores the facades she put up as a child, tween, and now as a young adult, showing how she constantly grapples with that question: What kind of person are you?” The brain trapped in a glass case in particular shows how toxic it can be to try to fit yourself into niches and trends.

Do I Know You? focuses on the detrimental nature of being left alone with your thoughts for too long, especially during the pandemic. This piece depicts Vitug’s struggle with overthinking, particularly in close relationships. Despite knowing that her friends do care for her, the little devil on her shoulder keeps suggesting they don’t.

Take Care. As a queer woman of colour, Vitug has faced many hardships. Her parents were not very supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, something that left a major scar on her heart. In Take Care, she looks back at herself as a child. The innocence and love reflects from a child in a clearly worn down and dimmed older version. She had dreamed of being an adult and having a relationship, but now she is not in the world she wanted. Though it is nice to be out, she has sacrificed much for this freedom — she has left home, is working to provide for herself, and has to cope with the emotional scars of her past. If she could tell her young self one thing, it would be “Be prepared.”

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